My Viking Journey – Viking Cruise Booking Guide

My Viking Journey: Viking cruise travel gives wings to your dreams by bringing traditions and culture closer and cementing ties with people through traveling globally. Life becomes beautiful, provided people take time to derive fun and enjoyment from nature’s enchanting beauty. 

Hence, undertaking a Viking journey becomes one of the most memorable times that comes with excitement, considering the list of excellent places one is subjected to. 

A Viking journey becomes more “happening” when we are at peace and ready to enjoy “Wow” moments.  

Likewise, you feel blessed to witness exciting places once you finalize your cruise booking with a confirmation number on Viking. Your excitement continues to build up and become stronger until the final date of embarking on a journey has arrived. 

How To Register At My Viking Journey –

It would be best to have the cruise confirmation number handy, as this becomes an integral part of “create account. “My Viking Journey” is the website where you will be using the number. Let’s now go through the following steps:-

  • Copy and search this website on any browser.


  • As a guest who has never been to the site before, you will choose the option of “Create Account” instead of login.
  • In the “Create Account” section, you will see a tab called “Join Now”; click on viking journey create account
  • You are directed to the “Registration Form” page to fill in details such as reservation number, email address, and first and last name.
  • myviking journey registration form
  • Re-confirm your email address and password and verify the details.
  • Show your consent by ticking their “Terms” and Conditions.”
  • Tick another box below if you want to receive regularly updated news and information about Viking Cruise, offers, etc. 
  • Finally, Click “Create an Account Tab”, and you are done creating an account for yourself on

How to Login or Access My Viking Journey Website

Logging into my viking journey is an easy process. It is important to book any additional excursions on My Viking Journey Login as early as possible since you don’t want to miss them out later for being ‘already booked’. This helps you to have complete peace of mind while you plan your journey at full throttle. Let’s now take a note about the steps to log in to My Viking Journey:-

  • Visit the website
  • On the right side of the screen, you can easily see the “Login” section after the site has opened.

my viking journey login

  • Enter your username and password 
  • Click on the “Log in” button below to access my Viking journey to your account.
  • Done, you have successfully logged into your viking account.
  • Now you will get an access to my viking journey. members of viking cruises gets extra services and benefits.

So, you can continue to be updated about My Viking Journey once you sign up at, followed by login to your account. You can continue to have access to the portal of My Viking Journey for cruise planning and preparation up till seven days before the journey. You can make payments for booking travel tickets etc.

How To Reset My Viking Journey Login Username? 

Mistakes happen, and there are times when you try to log in with the username, but you can’t. You tried a few times changing certain letters, but in vain, and then realize you have forgotten it completely. However, don’t worry. The username you used to derive information from the website can easily be reset. Let’s follow the below steps:-

  • Go to the official website that is
  • You will be directed to the login page; look for the “Forgot your email?” option and click on it.

myvikingjourney forgot username

  • Enter the credentials as last name, reservation number, and departure date.
  • Now, based on your search to log in with your username but you have forgotten, the My Viking Journey login page will remind you to do so.

How To Reset Your Login Password for My Viking Journey (

Follow below steps to reset your login

  • Visit the site
  • You will instantly be directed to the login page. There you see “Reset Password”. Click on it.reset my viking journey password
  • It will ask you to enter the email address you used to set up the Viking Cruises account.
  • As a safety and security feature, you will receive an email with a password reset link.
  • Now, through the link, you can create a new strong password that you can remember for future account access.

My Viking Journey Mobile App

The Viking Voyager App is an excellent mobile app for My Viking Journey. Download and install the app to enhance your time dedicated to sea, river, and excursion tours that the company has initiated for a mind-blowing experience. Getting the app is the best way to get regular my viking journey updates and future.

You can ensure the following to download the viking voyager app:-

  • Know about the ship’s itinerary and the ports it will halt at.
  • “Viking Daily” helps you to empower with maritime events daily.
  • Check out our in-detail article on downloading my viking journey mobile app.
  • You can also get viking voyager app from Google. Viking voyager app is available on google play store and ios store.
  • With the help app, you can access my viking journey.

Viking Journey Customer Helpline For Viking Journey Update

Do you need some help regarding my Viking journey? Then you must use the below contacts to connect with customer support. To know regarding my viking journey update you can use below communication details.

Toll-Free Number: 1-855-338-4546 or 1-866-984-5464

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

You can visit the official website f you want journey update on its website. This viking portal just needs an login password details. Once you entered into viking portal, you can see viking cruises my journey account.

What is Viking River Cruise? Information about my viking journey

viking travel was founded in 1997, has been a trailblazer in the world of river cruising. Its dedication to providing exceptional experiences, combined with its commitment to comfort and luxury, has made it a leader in the industry. With its Scandinavian heritage, Viking River Cruises offers a unique blend of cultural enrichment and exploration, ensuring an unforgettable journey for every traveler.

Features Of Viking My Journey Account 


With the help of Viking journey account, Viking journey members can check Viking reservation number, kd river cuises, past cruises. They can also check booking features and transactions. All you need a registered email address and reservation number. Make sure you remember viking journey username as well. You can also turn off the booking from Viking account. You can also visit there website where you can read documentation provided by viking.

Viking sends “Final Viking Journey Summary.”

A week before the journey, Viking Travel will email the information, which it has named “Final Viking Journey Summary”. So what’s in it? Well, it has complete details such as the name of the trip you will undertake, the booking status, and the booking number. The digital PDF format also has the journey summary, the passenger ticket contract, and the guest information form. 

Culturally immense yourself with Viking Cruise

A sneak peek of the culture is an obvious fact with Vikings. The tourists are subjected to view the filmography where they can opt “by either country” or “itinerary” for the same. You will be happily delighted to witness a series of movies, documentaries, and shows while enjoying your journey. You will know about the countries that you are going to visit. There is also Viking TV for deriving the information. 

Benefits Of Viking Cruises offers a Cultural Enrichment Program

How about experienced guides professionally enlightening you with the history of the ports you visit? Yes, you will know about the interesting facts. As part of the Cultural Enrichment Program”, a friendly historian will tell guests like you about the cultural history of the ports. You also receive books before the trip to explain how culturally exciting your journey will be. Check out my Viking journey benefits. Members of the Viking explorer will get good benefits.

  • Viking explorer society members gets extra benefits and services. Also you can publish your trip  photos through online space called as daily to my viking journey.
  • One of the best thing i liked about them is, they create forums for each viking. So that the past members can share river cruise experience and kd river cruises.
  • Customers who have sailed with viking in the past can avail free credits in future travels.

Choose your excursions

Based on the level of your cultural interest, you can be a part of the orientation walkthrough or a bus tour. There is also a Kitchen Table excursion that consists of two parts. One is related to the morning activity, which takes you to a local food market through an executive chef to choose ingredients that will be cooked in the evening. The second part is cooking delicious and yummy cuisines. Yes, you will be a part of a professional culinary team that will prepare lip-smacking dishes right from late afternoon, and you will assist them in the process. For ease, it is vital to pick at least two or three destinations for “backup.” 

Groom yourself 

The cruising experience is refreshing and rejuvenating, away from the hustle and bustle. viking encourages its customers to pamper themselves. Women can book a massage at the Spa, which offers a complete service menu that includes body scrubs, facials, massages, and nail and hair salons. There is a dedicated session that analyzes the skin in detail, and based on the conditions, there are various anti-aging, organic as well as tailor-made facials. A woman from different life stages may undergo problems such as rough skin or pimples, and the Spa has minutely addressed the same in a journey. There are dedicated sections that are centric for men grooming as well.

A sneak peek at the cuisines that make you go weak on your knees

A 14-day journey has to be best-taken care of, as the cruising experience has roughly 99 cooks that become a part of the experience. After all, they have a massive responsibility of serving the guests out of the 120 tons of food at the first port before the designated 14 days journey. The specifically allotted refrigerators that become a part of the experience also ensure that different types of food are kept fresh and healthy. Additionally, whenever possible, local fish are purchased too. 

Benefits Of Viking Cruises My Journey and Tips to Adhere

The travelers who have been a part of the journey have only good things to say since they have been very particular about following the below-mentioned tips. Let’s know them too:-

  • To avoid the emails coming from Viking reaching the “Spam” folder, you need to mark them to continue getting updated news and information. So, how to do that? Once you filter them to your “Primary” inbox, the complete set of documents, such as your Viking document, won’t be going to spam.
  • While many excursions are included with the cruise bookings, especially the walking tours, among others, you never know that you have to pay for an additional excursion (that you may instantly like in the process), so have your credit card handy as it may not be included in the cruising expenses.
  • Please note that the Viking Explorer Society offers a range of benefits to its members, including access to special events, personalized offers, and opportunities to connect with other like-minded travelers. So, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive perk and enjoy a delightful cocktail as you cruise with Viking.
  • Stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about the latest new viking cruises itineraries and ships. By staying informed, viking passengers gets the advantage of choosing the best destinations and departure dates that suit your preferences. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay one step ahead in planning your next unforgettable cruise with Viking.

Additional things that must be done after you have booked the excursion:-

Be mindful of the bed configuration.

You can create little changes per your preference, like whether you want twin beds “apart” or two beds clubbed together to make one big double bed. If you have a friend or sibling set on a cruising journey, you are okay with the beds having specific gaps. However, as couples, you want them to become one big bed.  

Pre-Pay the tips

“Peace” is something that doesn’t have a substitute. This is why many experienced travelers opt to pre-pay the same. Hence, they are saved from worrying during the journey. 

Have your passport number ready.

While you step in to embark on an exciting journey, you will be asked for the passport number. This is usually a part of the safety measure that makes the guests confident and comfortable regarding their company. 

Be familiar with the validity of your passport.

To avoid the inconvenience that may be caused at the eleventh hour, you should know the expiry date of your passport. So that, if needed, you can renew right from before. After all, you don’t want to subject yourself to utter embarrassment that may cause a bombshell. 

Have a “careful” packing for your 15 days journey.

Viking values the needs of tourists and the dilemma they would have otherwise been subjected to due to the rising luggage weight for the designated two weeks. Hence, it offers self-service launderettes between 3 and 6, as the facility can be freely availed with complimentary detergent. So, naturally, you feel at ease in minimizing a particular portion of luggage. Viking has a specific dress code that is also important to be aware of. 

Booking flights through Viking Air

Viking offers massive flight operations, namely “My Viking Air”, and their exclusivity lies in the rates that travelers at once get attracted to. To give passengers complete peace of mind and ease, professional and experienced customer care is there round the clock to address concerns once you are in transit. You do not just get special discounts on upgrades if you want to, but you may also be entitled to complimentary transfers from the hotel to the airport based on certain following conditions:-

  • . Your embarkation journey starts on the same day as your landing at the airport
  • . You take the flight precisely on the day when your cruise ends.

“Customer is the king here”, and the decision to book flights separately is purely yours.

After all, you have the best plans to decide for yourself and your family. However, it is necessary to mention that when everything is right in one place, it is comparably systematic and ensures easy functioning during the process. 

Have packing essentials during the tips

A specific list of essential considerations should be a part of your trip, such as detergent, pocket binoculars, mini umbrellas for saving yourself from rain and sun, travel plug adapters, sound-blocking earplugs, etc. 

Practice yourself to be in shape.

“Biking” and “Kayaking” are the sporting activities that denote a few of the many shore excursions. The very idea of going through such highly charged activities in your journey demands you to be up on your toes right from before. You can undergo training from experienced trainers to know whether you like the idea of kayaking or if you want to enjoy the sport on your journey. It would help if you practiced walking miles right when you confirmed going. To avoid gaining weight on the cruise, you can always use stairs to move up and down instead of an elevator. 

Frequently Asked Questions On My Viking Journey and log in:-

Am I allowed to take children with me on the journey?

Children who still need to attain 18 years are forbidden to be passengers on board, considering the long routes on the sea, away from direct emergency facilities. Due to the immature and fickle-minded nature of children where getting instant medical care is a problem. Hence, they are not recommended, as Viking doesn’t have such facilities.

Can my dietary requirements be addressed?

Mostly, the authorities at Viking do. Chiefs reasonably oblige to the request, given that every meal has veg options. The guests requiring special meals are to alert the concerned staff and authorities 90 days before departure.

Can I get a detailed analysis of transportation?

There are free transfers with renewal packages as well as Viking Air purchases. Viking values the value of hard-earned money of guests, and there is no charge to be borne by the guests while flying intra-route. 

Does Viking Ocean Cruises take guarantee its services?

Viking hopes customers are satisfied, considering the long list of happy members who have carved a niche for the company. However, if you still feel that certain services aren’t up to the mark either in a hotel or while boarding the ship after the first check-in, notify the staff within 24 hours. The concerned authorities will rectify the situation within the next 24 hours. In all likelihood, the concerns are addressed. However, in an exceptional case where the solution isn’t feasible, the guest may depart while getting a 100% refundable amount. 

Can my Credit Card be helpful on vacation?

Usually, you can operate on-board a cruise with your credit card in a central hotel or restaurant. Three cards are designated, such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. However, the issue may arise with the card for the remotest areas. Empower your credit card companies about the trip in advance to avoid your card getting frozen on your journey since you require technically viable cards that have specially designated chip and pin cards to be operated at foreign ATMs. It is best to contact the company as on-the-go systems and magnetic credit cards may prove useless during the traveling expedition.


Life is beautiful thanks to the natural places of attraction that are worth to be seen. The complete set of guests, irrespective of those taking a river cruise or ocean cruise, have unhindered access to the portal “My Viking Journey” for their ease. Likewise, they can be familiar with the updates and information as and when they want while planning their incredible journey on this great portal. I am also curious to know what the viking journey in the future will look like. 

My viking journey is very safe platform and i hope in future they can think of expanding my viking journey. Customers of my viking journey are already happy and ready for their future travels.