Frequently Asked Questions

My Viking Journey FAQ


A responsible company with the stature of My Viking knows exactly the concerns of guests. Likewise, it empowers the people on a series of topics ranging from restaurants, ships, and excursions. Even guests are given a look and feel about the things coming their way, so they can gather as much information as they possibly can from the freely available mediums that are either by reading the news or looking at the photos or even going through book shore excursions. In short, members get updates on every ongoing activity right within a few clicks.

Let’s now take a look at the frequently asked question that can create a more understanding and clear picture about the functioning:-

What is the tipping policy?

The onboard staff of Viking is professional, friendly, and cooperative that make the stay and journey of the guests memorable and enjoyable. The custom to reciprocate the gesture by giving gratuities is a common practice. Now, the kind of amount needed to be tipped remains at the sole discretion of the travelers. In order to save them from the inconvenience at the eleventh hour, there has been a substitute for guests in the form of pre-purchasing the “Standard Recommended Gratuity” in My Viking Journey. That’s an easy option for the members who have already done their duty as responsible members by tipping before their journey. The amount is then shared by the onboard staff who have played an active role of support by providing a marvelous cruising experience. A spacious ship that has a dignified reputation in the form of Viking naturally has professional staff ranging from Program Direction, stateroom stewards, waitstaff and nautical staff among others who feel more energetic and helpful through the gesture. This aspect naturally creates a positive vibe throughout the process. 

My travel agent wants me to complete PIF. Can you elaborate more on this technical aspect, like what is it and how to go about it?

The Passenger Information Form (PIF) creates an easy and systematic functioning necessary to complete the formalities while undertaking the journey. Such as creating reservations for the flight, or generating travel-related documents etc. for a smooth experience on the way. Hence, by nature of the form, where there is no substitute for a happy and convenient journey, all the formalities demand special and timely introspection. There is also a need for the individual to complete FRP for all the individuals that are accompanying as a traveler.

Are there any packing tips that can ease my journey?

Viking expects travelers to bring comfortable clothing that is casual since there is no substitute of comfort throughout your stay. Comfortable shoes are very important and so are collapsible umbrellas or rain gear, sunglasses, hair, toiletries etc. Based on the type of weather, light-weight jackets or warm coats, gloves along with water resistant footwear  can be packed and worn accordingly. It is true that certain timely decisions prove to be useful towards easing the two weeks stay. Hence, jackets and ties are not required in addition to the formal nights. However, a few members may exceptionally decide to opt for dressier clothing for Captain’s Dinner. Viking highly values the needs of guests and in order to respect the sanctity of religious places, they are to be respectfully dressed. You should also be taking your prescribed medications along with original labels, eyeglasses, contacts, and extra batteries for your camera. So that you don’t miss filming certain moments, that may not be captured again. While sailing on your cruise, one of the picturesque scenes is during the time of sun-set which literally gives the impression that it is kissing the depth of waters, and is a sight to behold. 

Will my stateroom has the facility of a phone?

Every single stateroom comes with its own phone. The consumption charges are added on the shipboard account of the person. The phones operate through satellite and they are expensive. The guests can also use their own personal mobile phones for making international calls. However, you need to contact your operator to ensure that the services do run for the stipulated period of the journey. 

Should I carry copy of the original documents?

Yes, that’s the best decision as a traveler you can possibly take for yourself, in case you lose the original ones. After all, mistakes do happen and it will be such an embarrassing situation to lose valuables on a foreign land with nowhere to go. So, you can actually have a substitute in terms of passport information page, credit card numbers, information relating with the insurance as well as airline tickets. Carry them in separate bag for safety. 

Does Viking allow Visitors on Ship?

Viking has a strict policy to safeguard the members. Considering the extra care that members enjoy, visitors are hence not permitted onboard the ship.

Do the staterooms have the facility off irons and ironing boards?

Viking has learned from past experiences where there have been fire hazards due to iron or ironing boards present in the staterooms. Hence, they aren’t present. However, for guests who like to avail the facility, the concerned staff can press the clothing for them. 

Is there any designated area for smokers in the ship?

Usually, Viking ships follow the norms of a smokeless journey. However, Deck 8, has been designated for the passengers who want to smoke outside. Other than that, there is a strict policy for everyone not to misuse the places such as that of cabin, decks etc for smoking purposes. The same applies for the electronic cigarettes too. 

Is it advisable to ‘insure’ my belongings?

Viking expects customers to go for insurance, in order to save themselves from tricky or challenging times, as one doesn’t know what’s next. As part of the feature where it heavily relies on creating a ground where responsible travelers ‘insure’ their belonging either before or during the vacation that gives them reason to have peace of mind. Since, you know that you just have safeguarded your commitments as a dutiful traveler in a land away from home while “insuring” your money and personal items.